Black Cumin Oil Natural

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The black cumin oil is obtained from the delicate blue-flowering buttercup plant Nigella sativa, which produces the precious black cumin seed. The precious Nigella Sativa can look back on a millennium-old history in medicine. As a spice and natural remedy, the true black cumin, which has nothing to do with the cumin or cumin in common use, has made a name for itself since the time of the Pharaohs. Even the Prophet Muhammad proclaimed, “Black cumin heals every disease except death.” In the past, the black seed was also grown in many cottage gardens in Europe and was known at that time as a breadcrumb. Today, many of us only know his close relative, the “virgin in the green,” from his own garden.

Other than its intriguing properties would expect, organic black cumin oil tastes a bit bitter or even austere and spicy, according to personal assessment. But you get used to it quickly if you take a teaspoonful of it three times a day. Depending on your own feelings, this is best done about half an hour before eating or as good as eating. You can also add some honey to the black cumin oil and thus achieve a rather spicy-sweet flavor.

Side effects of the black cumin oil are not known, but it may come in the first days of use to a slight but not unpleasant regurgitation.

Black cumin oil from certified organic farming

Keep cool and dry in purple glass


500ml, 250ml, 100ml


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