Nature in violet

ATC Vital stands for special natural products, produced with the utmost care and protected in the unique violet glass. From the finest raw materials, we produce the best oil for you, which always comes fresh into your kitchen thanks to our excellent containers. 

ATC Vital Organic Black Cumin Oil 500ml

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Why ATC Vital?


All our oils are produced by gentle cold pressing. This means that during production, our oil presses do not exceed a certain temperature, so important ingredients and taste are not lost. For example, the maximum temperature that can be reached at the pressing of olive oil is 27 degrees.

Always fresh

Our oils are not mass-produced. They are always freshly produced and bottled just as fresh. In addition, our violet glass bottles provide natural and very effective preservation. Even the most sensitive oils are thus optimally protected, so that the freshness is preserved until the last drop.


From harvesting to delivery to you, our products undergo strict quality control. Each seed delivery is checked and tested on the fields before harvesting. The production runs in a sterile environment and is accompanied by constant controls and measurements. Before bottling takes place in our bottles, the finished oil is analyzed so that you always get the best quality delivered.

Our oil mill

As natural as our products are, so natural is our oil mill. It lies in the green environment with a variety of animal companions. Originally the building was built as a restaurant and operated before it was converted into a modern oil mill without harming the charm. Regular seminars are held in the hotel’s own park where regular customers and visitors are welcomed.

In our production rooms, our oil presses and filter systems are operated using the purest German stainless steel. Our machines are supported by advanced sensors and measuring tools that enable us to achieve consistent, high-quality production.

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